WiLiMan-ID stands for: “Wildlife, Livestock, huMan and Infectious Disease”. This is a research project is funded for 5 years by the Horizon Europe program and it was launched in May 2023 thanks to the contribution of 14 partners. The main objective of WiLiMan-ID is to identify key factors allowing five animal infectious diseases to spread and persist, in changing environments. The five diseases are:

  • Avian influenza
  • African swine fever
  • West-Nile fever
  • African horse sickness
  • Chronic wasting disease

WiLiMan-ID is based on an interdisciplinary approach that will integrate data at different scales, from the level of pathogens to the hosts and, finally, to the community of hosts and the environment. That integrated data will provide policy makers with innovative strategies and methods for prevention, surveillance, and control.